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Student Expectations and Device Care (Chromebooks)
Library Reminders & Self Checkout Instructions

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Library Stuff
Check your library account
Put a book on Hold in the Library
How to Renew items On-Line
  (Item must not be overdue)

Chromebook Stuff
Clear your Browsing Data on your Chromebook
Check extensions on your Chromebook
Chromebook Troubleshooting guide
GOPHER BUDDY Chromebook update instructions

School Stuff
How To Avoid Plagiarism
 slide presentation

Research, Note-Taking & Citation

These 3 lessons were designed and taught for a 4th grade unit. This information presented can be used for other grade levels and units. 

Video Part 1: Books & Note-Taking

Video Part 2: Databases & Citation

Video Part 3: Websites and Citation

Google 101 (slide shows about how to use Google Docs and Slides)
Link to slide presentation: Google 101

Part 1 (starts on slide 1): Google Drive, creating a folder, creating a document, name/title the document, font tools, keyboard keys (tab, enter & backspace), Copy & Paste.
Part 2 (starts on slide 12): Google Doc tool bar: align, add image, change image size, text wrap tools, move a document into a folder.
Part 3 (starts on slide 19): Find a previously created document, link text to other content, version history.
Part 4 (starts on slide 27): Google Slides introduction, create presentation, add a a title, add slides, add text, add an image.

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