Units of Study


Unit 1 - We are a community of readers.
Students understand the joy and excitement of reading. They want to read and believe they can read.

Unit 2 - Information is all around us.
Students understand that through inquiry and exploration of text readers can gain information.

Unit 3 - Noticing how books work.
Students understand that talking about books builds understanding.


Unit 1 - We are a community of writers.
Students understand that they can share their ideas through interactive writing opportunities as well as independent drawing/ writing. 

Unit 2 - Authors as Mentors
Students understand that they can look to authors to learn what they do as writers.

Unit 3 - Informational How-To-Do
Students understand that there is a purpose for writing and in this unit it is to instruct someone “how-to” do something. 


Unit 1 - Understanding Numbers

Students develop understanding of quantity, build foundations for addition and subtraction, and explore 2-D shapes. 

Unit 2 - 5-Groups in Numbers 6-10
Students understand that real life experiences can generate addition and subtraction problems with the structures Add to/Take From and Put Together/Take Apart. 

Unit 1 - Metals and Fabrics and Plastics Oh My!
Students will understand that all objects have physical properties that can be used to sort them. 

Social Studies
Unit 1 - Launching Kindergarten Science and Social Studies
Students will understand that they have specific roles and responsibilities within their classroom. They understand that respectful communication, specifically taking turns and active listening, are keys to becoming a healthy community of learners. 
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