Units of Study


Units of Study:                                          

Foundations of Literacy:  Word Study, Fluency & Vocabulary

Language and Writing Processes

Launching the Literacy Workshop in 2nd Grade

Informative Texts:  Constructing Knowledge of the World for Ourselves

Narrative Texts:  Analyze Structures to Write Our Stories

Research, Inquiry & Design:  Purposeful Investigation & Inquiry

Claims & Evidence:  Supporting My Opinions


Unit 1:  Adding and Subtracting, and Working with Data
Unit 2:  Adding and Subtracting within 100
Unit 3:  Measuring Length
Unit 4:  Addition and Subtraction on the Number Line
Unit 5:  Numbers to 1,000
Unit 6:  Geometry, Time and Money
Unit 7:  Adding and Subtracting within 1,000
Unit 8:  Equal Groups
Unit 9:  Putting It All Together



Unit 1:  Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems
Unit 2:  Earth's Systems:  Processes That Shape the Earth
Unit 3:  Structure and Property of Matter

 Social Studies

Unit 1:  Civics:  Responsible Citizens Have a Voice
Unit 2:  Geography: People Interacting With the Environment
Unit 3:  Economics:  Identifying Choices & Making  Decisions
Unit 4:  History:  Communities Change

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