Units of Study



Unit 1:  Readers Have Important Jobs to Do
Unit 2:  Understanding Characters
Unit 3:  Using Text Features and Story Elements to Determine Importance
Unit 4:  Using Text Structure to Build Comprehension
Unit 5:  Reading to Learn
Unit 6:  Experiencing Stories from Diverse Cultures
Unit 7:  Exploring a Variety of Texts  


Unit 1: Authors as Mentors and Writing to Learn
Unit 2:  Expanding Narrative Writing
Unit 3:  Informational: Procedural Writing
Unit 4:  Informational:  Sharing What I Learn from Research
Unit 5:  Persuasive:  Sharing My Opinion
Unit 6:  Composing a Variety of Short Stories
Unit 7:  Creating Engaging Writing


Unit 1:  Addition & Subtraction within 20
Unit 2:  Addition within 200
Unit 3:  Length & Shapes
Unit 4:  Subtract 2-Digit Numbers
Unit 5:  Time, Graphs & Word Problems
Unit 6:  3-Digit Addition & Subtraction
Unit 7:  Arrays, Equal Shares, & Adding & Subtracting Lengths



Unit 1:  I Will Survive!
Unit 2:  Today's Weather
Unit 3:  Pushmi-Pullyu

 Social Studies

Unit 1:  Civics:  Responsible Citizens Have a Voice
Unit 2:  Geography: People Interacting With the Environment
Unit 3:  Economics:  Identifying Choices & Making  Decisions
Unit 4:  History:  Communities Change

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