PE Quarantine assignments

3-5 Quarantine PE 

Remember you only have PE 2 days out of 8 days, the other days you should be doing art, music and stem.

60 minutes or more of physical activity is always the goal each day.

Must Do. One warm up each day this week 7-10 minutes and 15-20 minutes of juggling

2rd -5th Grade this week we are going to be working on Hand Eye Coordination with Juggling.

1. Please roll up socks into balls to practice or use tennis balls if you have them..

2. Ask your parents where they want you to practice. Outside, basement, You must ask them!!!!

3. Please complete the exit form to get PE credit this week.

Warm Up 7 minutes



Step 2 Roll up 3 socks into balls or get your tennis balls

2. Practice 2 ball juggling in a circle pattern.

Switch directions and juggle the other direction.

Once you can juggle two balls, start working on 3 ball juggling, follow the steps on the 2 videos below. Watch and practice with the Videos Playing.

The toss is very important and follow the steps listed on the video.

This is not an easy skill and have patience and practice.

I know some of you can already juggle with 3 balls, below is a video of juggling tricks, see if you can learn any of these tricks.

K-2 Quarantine PE assignment

Remember you have PE for 2 days out of 8. You should do PE for 2 days, the 2 days of stem, 2 days of Art, 2 days of Music

Physical Activity  daily goal = 1 hour of physical activity

PE at home assignments k-2

  1. Go noodle PE warm up 

  2. Throwing and catching 

  3. Throwing and catching part 2

  4. Kids Winter Yoga

k-2 cardio
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