Standard Based Grading

4 = exceptional 3 = proficient 2 = working toward 1 = inadequate
It means consistently exceeding. It means excellent and at grade level. It means not consistently showing the learning. It means consistently not meeting grade level.
Standard 4 3 2 1
Movement Competency: *Mastery of selected skills and activities. *Surpasses grade level expectations with advanced tactics and movements * Demonstrates correct form on a regular basis *Applies skills and strategies in activities. *Occasionally demonstrates correct form *Student occasionally applies and skills and strategies. *Unable to demonstrate correct form *Student cannot apply skills and strategies appropriately
Physical and Personal Wellness *Student demonstrate an exceptional level of physical fitness and consistently strives for improvement. *Surpasses grade level expectations in all components of fitness . *Improves personal wellness from physical fitness expectations and goals *Participates in activities without cardiovascular fatigue * Student occasionally progresses toward improving their personal wellness *Iconsitalantly participates in activities * Does not maintain personal levels of physical fitness *Unable to participate in activities due to cardiovascular fatigue
Emotional and Social Wellness *Works beyond grade level expectations to demonstrate leadership, effort, volunteers, provides meaningful feedback, exceptional sportsmanship and positively advocates for others. *Follows directions, demonstrates sportsmanship qualities and makes positive contributions. *Occasionally demonstrates sportsmanship qualities *Occasionally demonstrates effort regardless of activity *Does not demonstrate sportsmanship *Difficulty following directions and working with other students
Prevention and Risk Management *Consistently prepared for class. *Consistently uses all equipment appropriately * Frequently prepared for class*Frequently follows directions and uses equipment appropriately *Occasionally prepared for class * Occasionally demonstrating self control and following directions *Rarely prepared for class * Difficulty following directions, self control and staying on task

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