Units of Study

Story elements

We are learning about story elements and how they help us understand what we are reading and help us to retell stories.   
Fundations (WordStudy)                            Fundations 
Current lesson: 
  CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words, with short vowel sounds

cat, bed, sit, mop, run
Trick words to study:  
a, and, the, is, his, of
Challenge trick words:  
where, here, around, every, know

realistic fiction

We are writing our very own realistic fiction stories, using the story elements that were are learning about in reading.                      
Math addition strategies

We are learning about strategies to use when adding. Strategies include:
Circle drawings
Dot's above/Counting on
Math moutains
Double facts 
Mental Math

Science Plants and animals

We are learning about structures and functions of plants and animals.  

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