Units of Study


Unit 1 Reader's Workshop

Unit 2 Character Interaction and Transformation

Unit 3 Analyzing Factual Information

Unit 4 Main Idea and Details

Unit 5 Nonfiction Text Structure

Unit 6 Main Idea of Fiction and Nonfiction Text

Unit 7 Higher Level Comprehension

Unit 8 Understanding Complex Texts


Unit 1 Writer's Workshop

Unit 2 Personal Narrative

Unit 3 Informational Writing: Procedural

Unit 4 Informational Writing: Research

Unit 5 Argumentative Writing

Unit 6 Writing Strategies

Unit 7 Writing with Precision Across Genres


Unit 1 Rates, Ratios and Proportions

Unit 2 Area of Polygons

Unit 3 Operations with Whole Numbers, Fractions, and Decimals

Unit 4 Surface Area of Prisms and Pyramids

Unit 5 Expressions and Equations

Unit 6 Volume of a Rectangular Prism

Unit 7 Ratios and Rates with Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

Unit 8 Rational Numbers and Coordinate Plane

Unit 9 Analyzing Statistics


Unit 1 Properties of Matter

Unit 2 Physical Science

Unit 3 Density

Unit 4 Geosphere

Unit 5 Hydrosphere

Unit 6 Ecosphere

Social Studies

Unit 1 Western Hemisphere: The Development of Cultures Over Time

Unit 2 Western Hemisphere: Economic Development and Political Change

Unit 3 Western Hemisphere: Exploring Geographic Issues

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